Rosemary Beach, Florida: Location, Location, Location!

Rosemary Beach.. A photographer & clients dream shoot along the gulf coast of Florida. More simply referred to and nicknamed as, “30A”.  Miles and miles of scenic white sand beach towns with different architecture, vibes and laid back appeal draw in locals and tourists alike.

My family and I vacation there every year, but a little further down the gulf in Destin, Florida. Again – So beautiful! This year I was able to do it.. You know.. “IT”. The photoshoot I have been oh – so – dying to capture. A full couples session in Rosemary Beach, Florida. Our good friends (and clients!) Elizabeth and Jeremy were vacationing there at the same time as we were. Celebrating her graduation from Nursing school and becoming an RN (Congrats LIZ!), I asked her if she would like a shoot to document the love between her and her husband as a gift. I believe her exact words were, “YES! Lets do it in Rosemary.” Done.

I met the Calhouns in Rosemary Beach with my production crew. My husband and two small children. (lol..) I arrived never having shot there a day in my life with nothing but a vision and my camera. As we walked through this magnificently gorgeous and scenic location we shot as we went. I gave subtle instruction as we collaborated our ideas between glasses of wine and palm trees.

For this particular shoot the inspiration was driven purley by my love for the area and by their love for one another. Through European inspired buildings, brick paved roads, tropical greenery, quiant shops, ocean waves and plays on shadow and light — It was hard not to cry behind the lens. Okay.. Okay.. I did a little.  SHHHH!  Im pretty sure my heart has never been as elated, over joyed or creatively inspired as it was photographing that day.

Because of this amazing experience I now offer destination sessions to clients. It’s one of my biggest dreams to explore to create. And perhaps, one day, I will be shooting there full time. Maybe even traveling up the east coast, southern gulf coasts and out west continuing to chase those dreams, camera in hand.

Location, Location, Location!