Mr. and Mrs. Good Life

Mr. Good and Mrs. Life. Otherwise known to friends and family as Bethany and Garrett. I had the privilege of connecting with Bethany and her sweet mother back in the winter of 2016. We began to plan and envision her Wedding day and collaborate ideas together over lattes at a local coffee house.

With her and Garretts strong Irish and Scottish heritage backgrounds visions of soft golden light, laughter, Irish ceremonial knots and traditional Scottish tartan fabrics began to dance in our heads. Surrounded by picturesque greenery and vibrant autumn foliage, their upcoming October wedding in Oakwood, Ohio will be a celebration that will ring in the hearts of all who attend. But first — an engagement session beginning in the heart of Dayton, Ohio in the Historic District and ending in the glowing light of Wegerzyn Gardens.

On June 17th, 2017 we found ourselves immersed in history walking through turn of the century Victorian style homes, ivy, wrought iron fences and brick paved roads. Passerbys and on lookers caught a few glances as I began to shoot their family style session. One of those on lookers happened to be a friend of their family whose wife was the heir to a major iconic company! But shhhhh… I’ll let Bethany and Garrett tell you that detail. They were gracious and approached us mid shoot and invited us to their home to capture more imagery. We (excitedly) said, yes. And as a woman & photographer who LOVES historic homes — I was screaming inside at this opportunity.

As we drew to an end of the first part of their dual location shoot we made our way to Wegerzyn Gardens. Another amazingly beautiful location with botanical visuals, floral scents, fountains and lush greenery. One of my favorite places to shoot! I gave subtle instruction to be who they were as a couple and as a family. As their sons were jumping, laughing and exploring the area we got additional photos of Bethany and Garrett. Behind the lens not only could I see what would hopefully be “the shot”,  but more so how they were relaxed with one another. In love. Happy. And truly each others partner in life.

Its true what they say. This is “the good life”.